How to use factoring to grow your business?

This model advances hand in hand with the implementation of electronic invoicing. It is also an investment opportunity for individuals through crowd funding platforms. Perhaps you have experienced the complicated situation of accepting some payments from their customer’s longer terms to 30 days. It is most common, when they pass handled large customers, their accounting closures do not always match the cash flows of small and medium businesses. Many bills run the possibility of being paid in periods for business owners sometimes become a bottleneck.


Indeed, by 2018 Colombia should be migrated completely to the electronic invoice process that should be completed in January 2019. One of the advantages it brings the development of this mechanism is that any business can access the factoring, where the establishment receive money. Instantly, in exchange for accepting a discount on the bill, while a third is responsible for collecting the payer of the bill in the stipulated period. Continue reading “How to use factoring to grow your business?”

What are homeowners insurance and what do they cover?

If you already own a home or if you are in the process of acquiring a new home this information interests you. Because not only the debts of a mortgage loan. The delinquency of a loan or the seizure of your property can turn into a pain head. Just as you are constantly exposed to risks on the street or at work. Your real estate can also suffer an emergency at the least unexpected moment. Such as a broken pipe theft loss of rental income or flood can be made in front of a policy or insurance that we are going to mention here.

homeowners insurance

If you have already done paperwork to acquire a mortgage loan you must know some of the insurance as they are obligatory to acquire as loan guarantee. The problem is that people are not aware of how useful these insurance are to protect their assets and as soon as they finish paying their loan, they do not continue with the insurance to mitigate future risks. Continue reading “What are homeowners insurance and what do they cover?”

Is it dangerous to make easy money with bitcoin?

Who has not been tempted by high returns in a short time? The dream of making a low investment and the money multiply. Thus, we are presented today the panorama of the virtual currencies like bitcoin that is in boom in the world.

money with bitcoin

Its protagonism in the international financial system and the lack of understanding and regulation of this asset have turned it into a focus of fraud such as models of illegal capture and pyramids. This leads us to reflect on the dangers of easy money and to alert Colombian savers based on this popular phrase of our grandparents look because of that so good, do not give so much. Continue reading “Is it dangerous to make easy money with bitcoin?”

How to become an investor with less than $ 100 dollars

Save the savings or try to grow them? Investing has become fashionable and you do not need to have a fortune to afford it. Low cost funds, innovative portals and even apps strive to attract novice investors at low prices. Do you want to grow your money but not endanger large sums? Perhaps, he is convinced that he wants to participate in the investment fever that currently lives the financial sector, but does not have much capital.

become an investor

None of these situations today is an obstacle. Although the financial crisis made many lose confidence in the banking. Some saw their lifelong savings fizzle out because their banks had invested in complex products that turned out to be worthless. The real estate sector, which had become fashionable as a way to grow savings, had also collapsed. Faced with disappointment, many chose to invest their money is startups or funds, where the sums raised have reached record figures in recent years. Continue reading “How to become an investor with less than $ 100 dollars”

Save with these options and see what their associated costs

We have already talked on several occasions about how important it is to take part of the income for responsible savings, which should normally correspond, to 10% of the money that is received. Regardless of the savings objective you have in mind, what you should do is advise yourself properly when deciding to put your money in one or another financial product, because even if you do not believe it, both the costs and the yields of maintaining it vary between one and another entity.

associated costs

According to the 2017 financial report of the Financial Superintendence savings products are the main gateway to the financial system, since 77.4% (773,000 adults) did it through the product of savings accounts. In addition, this type of product is a support for future obligations and allows people to access goods and services that improve their quality of life and facilitate access to meeting goals. Continue reading “Save with these options and see what their associated costs”

Do not make mistakes in buying your insurance

A policy is acquired to protect you from a risk, a calamity, to cover yourself in case of damage or loss of something that is important to your life. Colombia is a unique country if you consider that most people prefer to protect their car against the risk of theft or total loss by accident, including health or life. Insurance penetration (an indicator that measures the share of insurance premiums issued in the economy through GDP, GDP) reaches 2.8%, well below markets like Chile (4.7%) but better Than in Uruguay (2.3%), Mexico (2.2%) and Peru (1.9%).

buying your insurance

One reason why this figure does not progress faster is that people do not know the clause that has their insurance. This is reflected in the complaints against the insurance sector, where the figures from the Superintendence of Finance reveal that during the first half of 2016 there was a 24% increase in customer non conformists compared to the industry, compared to the first half of the year. 2015. Continue reading “Do not make mistakes in buying your insurance”

Financial gifts for three different dads

A fashion watch, a leather wallet or a tie will not be much help to the head of the family if you want to show that you care. It is time to think about something different, long-term and that serves you. Yes, we talk about financial gifts. Gerardo Acosta Sanchez, director of Sales and Distribution suggests the purchase of insurance, which allows him to have medical care, generate savings or restore the theft of objects.

Financial gifts

Dads with small children are the ones who need to be more protected, because if they are missing, the tranquility of their family would be seriously affected Deputy Director of Insurance. Do not let your hobby go out of your way offers a product that covers personal accidents for athletes. It costs 400 pesos and has an insured sum of 25,000 for medical care and 50,000 for organ loss or death. Continue reading “Financial gifts for three different dads”

What is forex and how does it work?

We talk about the issue with Marco Castillo who has experience of trader in the Colombian market.  The first thing that is recommended is to risk money that is willing to lose and in the words of Castillo. It is not a small amount if you open an account of only $ 50 dollars it is possible to lose them in a single operation. For starters, it is best to do it with amounts over $ 1,000. Due to its high volatility it is considered a high risk alternative. So if you are less risk-tolerant better consider other options.

What is forex

The dynamics of FOREX is simple to understand at first glance through trading platforms. This dichotomy must be kept in mind at the outset to avoid bad experiences in terms of profitability (capital losses) notes. Continue reading “What is forex and how does it work?”

How to think like a little child can help you in business

Creativity, curiosity, determination, ambition, is words that can well define those years that run from being a baby and entering the primary. What can we learn from them to advance our own business? After seeing a row of colorful fruit smoothies placed on the kitchen table, Paul turned to the group of children gathered around him.

little child can help you in business

The four-year-old was so confident in his decision that Lindley decided to introduce the new product of his company of food for children with the same name the red with a scarlet packaging. They said that pastel colors, green or brown would best match the organic central message associated with the product. The bright colors they insisted would generate noise among the audience. However, Lindley maintained the child’s decision, a vision that went beyond marketing the product. Continue reading “How to think like a little child can help you in business”

Save to buy a home and insure your retirement

Saving 25 percent of the salary would be appropriate to meet the goals during a dad’s life. With this amount, it is enough to buy a house travel give education to the children and have an assured retirement according to financial experts. According to the asset management company, principal, that savings should be divided into four parts 10 percent for retirement 5.0 percent for short-term goals another 5.0 percent for medium-term goals and 5.0 percent as an emergency fund.

buy a home

The firm said in a statement that in this way prepares for the future, and is also one of the first personal finance advice that parents must give their children. The most important part of any financial management is having the ability to save in the end. Facing the celebration of Father’s Day on June 18, he said that data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography indicate that men are the head of household in 73 percent of households. Continue reading “Save to buy a home and insure your retirement”