How to become an investor with less than $ 100 dollars

Save the savings or try to grow them? Investing has become fashionable and you do not need to have a fortune to afford it. Low cost funds, innovative portals and even apps strive to attract novice investors at low prices. Do you want to grow your money but not endanger large sums? Perhaps, he is convinced that he wants to participate in the investment fever that currently lives the financial sector, but does not have much capital.

become an investor

None of these situations today is an obstacle. Although the financial crisis made many lose confidence in the banking. Some saw their lifelong savings fizzle out because their banks had invested in complex products that turned out to be worthless. The real estate sector, which had become fashionable as a way to grow savings, had also collapsed. Faced with disappointment, many chose to invest their money is startups or funds, where the sums raised have reached record figures in recent years. Continue reading “How to become an investor with less than $ 100 dollars”

Save with these options and see what their associated costs

We have already talked on several occasions about how important it is to take part of the income for responsible savings, which should normally correspond, to 10% of the money that is received. Regardless of the savings objective you have in mind, what you should do is advise yourself properly when deciding to put your money in one or another financial product, because even if you do not believe it, both the costs and the yields of maintaining it vary between one and another entity.

associated costs

According to the 2017 financial report of the Financial Superintendence savings products are the main gateway to the financial system, since 77.4% (773,000 adults) did it through the product of savings accounts. In addition, this type of product is a support for future obligations and allows people to access goods and services that improve their quality of life and facilitate access to meeting goals. Continue reading “Save with these options and see what their associated costs”

Do not make mistakes in buying your insurance

A policy is acquired to protect you from a risk, a calamity, to cover yourself in case of damage or loss of something that is important to your life. Colombia is a unique country if you consider that most people prefer to protect their car against the risk of theft or total loss by accident, including health or life. Insurance penetration (an indicator that measures the share of insurance premiums issued in the economy through GDP, GDP) reaches 2.8%, well below markets like Chile (4.7%) but better Than in Uruguay (2.3%), Mexico (2.2%) and Peru (1.9%).

buying your insurance

One reason why this figure does not progress faster is that people do not know the clause that has their insurance. This is reflected in the complaints against the insurance sector, where the figures from the Superintendence of Finance reveal that during the first half of 2016 there was a 24% increase in customer non conformists compared to the industry, compared to the first half of the year. 2015. Continue reading “Do not make mistakes in buying your insurance”