What are homeowners insurance and what do they cover?

If you already own a home or if you are in the process of acquiring a new home this information interests you. Because not only the debts of a mortgage loan. The delinquency of a loan or the seizure of your property can turn into a pain head. Just as you are constantly exposed to risks on the street or at work. Your real estate can also suffer an emergency at the least unexpected moment. Such as a broken pipe theft loss of rental income or flood can be made in front of a policy or insurance that we are going to mention here.

homeowners insurance

If you have already done paperwork to acquire a mortgage loan you must know some of the insurance as they are obligatory to acquire as loan guarantee. The problem is that people are not aware of how useful these insurance are to protect their assets and as soon as they finish paying their loan, they do not continue with the insurance to mitigate future risks. Continue reading “What are homeowners insurance and what do they cover?”

Is it dangerous to make easy money with bitcoin?

Who has not been tempted by high returns in a short time? The dream of making a low investment and the money multiply. Thus, we are presented today the panorama of the virtual currencies like bitcoin that is in boom in the world.

money with bitcoin

Its protagonism in the international financial system and the lack of understanding and regulation of this asset have turned it into a focus of fraud such as models of illegal capture and pyramids. This leads us to reflect on the dangers of easy money and to alert Colombian savers based on this popular phrase of our grandparents look because of that so good, do not give so much. Continue reading “Is it dangerous to make easy money with bitcoin?”