Financial gifts for three different dads

A fashion watch, a leather wallet or a tie will not be much help to the head of the family if you want to show that you care. It is time to think about something different, long-term and that serves you. Yes, we talk about financial gifts. Gerardo Acosta Sanchez, director of Sales and Distribution suggests the purchase of insurance, which allows him to have medical care, generate savings or restore the theft of objects.

Financial gifts

Dads with small children are the ones who need to be more protected, because if they are missing, the tranquility of their family would be seriously affected Deputy Director of Insurance. Do not let your hobby go out of your way offers a product that covers personal accidents for athletes. It costs 400 pesos and has an insured sum of 25,000 for medical care and 50,000 for organ loss or death. Continue reading “Financial gifts for three different dads”

What is forex and how does it work?

We talk about the issue with Marco Castillo who has experience of trader in the Colombian market.  The first thing that is recommended is to risk money that is willing to lose and in the words of Castillo. It is not a small amount if you open an account of only $ 50 dollars it is possible to lose them in a single operation. For starters, it is best to do it with amounts over $ 1,000. Due to its high volatility it is considered a high risk alternative. So if you are less risk-tolerant better consider other options.

What is forex

The dynamics of FOREX is simple to understand at first glance through trading platforms. This dichotomy must be kept in mind at the outset to avoid bad experiences in terms of profitability (capital losses) notes. Continue reading “What is forex and how does it work?”

How to think like a little child can help you in business

Creativity, curiosity, determination, ambition, is words that can well define those years that run from being a baby and entering the primary. What can we learn from them to advance our own business? After seeing a row of colorful fruit smoothies placed on the kitchen table, Paul turned to the group of children gathered around him.

little child can help you in business

The four-year-old was so confident in his decision that Lindley decided to introduce the new product of his company of food for children with the same name the red with a scarlet packaging. They said that pastel colors, green or brown would best match the organic central message associated with the product. The bright colors they insisted would generate noise among the audience. However, Lindley maintained the child’s decision, a vision that went beyond marketing the product. Continue reading “How to think like a little child can help you in business”

Save to buy a home and insure your retirement

Saving 25 percent of the salary would be appropriate to meet the goals during a dad’s life. With this amount, it is enough to buy a house travel give education to the children and have an assured retirement according to financial experts. According to the asset management company, principal, that savings should be divided into four parts 10 percent for retirement 5.0 percent for short-term goals another 5.0 percent for medium-term goals and 5.0 percent as an emergency fund.

buy a home

The firm said in a statement that in this way prepares for the future, and is also one of the first personal finance advice that parents must give their children. The most important part of any financial management is having the ability to save in the end. Facing the celebration of Father’s Day on June 18, he said that data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography indicate that men are the head of household in 73 percent of households. Continue reading “Save to buy a home and insure your retirement”

Tips to save money in a cost effective way

Do you think you are too young to start saving? According to Carlos president of the National Commission for the Retirement Savings System 48% do not save for the future however, thanks to the Commission’s alliance with convenience stores such as Circle K and recently saving Pharmacies this statistic may gradually decrease.

save money

The Con star launched the scheme of voluntary savings in afire to encourage Mexicans to think about their finances in the stage of old age. Until that year, the Commission raised a total of 15,000 million pesos. ¬†According to Carlos, these favorable figures are due to the growth of options that people have to start saving. Before it was very complicated, you had to go to a bank branch train process afire and return to the bank. People simply did not do it he said. Continue reading “Tips to save money in a cost effective way”

The floors of the banks bailed out with your money

Sareb is what has come to be called as the bad bank, which aside from much loan promoter also promotes the construction of real estate and is dedicated to the sale of the entire real estate portfolio that has inherited. When it was decided to bail out the banks after the real estate crisis, the FROB or Orderly Banking Restructuring Fund was set up. The FROB is a financial instrument created to measure the restructuring of the Spanish banking system and all the savings banks that had been expanded by the Crisis.

banks bailed out with your money

Among the actions of the FROB was the Sareb, known as the bad bank but never got to give banking license. The government had to create a vehicle like the Sareb bound by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that had signed with the rest of the EU countries to lend the money to the bank bailout and to continue to function normally. Continue reading “The floors of the banks bailed out with your money”

Platform you pay your services and improvements your credit history

For people who have never applied for a loan in a formal way what happens to young people who join the labor market they ask for experience but how they will generate it if they do not give them work. Something similar happens in the financial system. If you do not have a credit history that supports you, it is very complex to be granted financing it is a kind of vicious circle.

services and improvements your credit

Platform that helps responsible people demonstrate that they are good payers and increase their chances of accessing credit. The platform is free and people only have to register and upload the bill for basic services like light, so the system will check and generate the payment history. Continue reading “Platform you pay your services and improvements your credit history”

How to get the starting capital for your business?

Do you have the ideas to start your business but do not know how to find the money you need? We tell you what options you have to get ahead. Having a business idea hanging around for days in your head then encouraging you to develop it build a concrete project is already a giant step. Although, sometimes it turns out to be a misstep as not having funding and the idea frustrate people never materializes. Surely, you have heard in a conversation a friend or relative propose something lucrative. Then say that it is not viable because nobody is going to lend the money.

starting capital

Finding finance is often one of the first obstacles of each entrepreneur, and the reason why many do not encourage themselves to become independent. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have grown significantly. Continue reading “How to get the starting capital for your business?”

The financial plan that every entrepreneur must handle

Controlling your finances is important for your future and your business, so we tell you how to manage it and what you need to keep in mind to manage your money successfully. Will the vast majority of millennial be interested in being entrepreneurs to manage their time and be their own boss? The answer to certainty we do not have it, however, that is the perspective that many people today have about young people. And not just as an example of entrepreneurship independence but rather as a figure of rebellion of laziness who like easy things who do not care about their future much less for the management of their finances.

The financial plan

Look, these are the Excel Templates to control your expenses and income

In short, there are many points of view and a great debate, the fact is that they are the main public of the world trade. Young people have a different expectation. That is perhaps what motivates them to act many times in a “snatched” way before the possibilities presented to them. With the decisions, they make. It is okay to be risky but it’s also okay to be organized and strategically ask what you want to do and where you want to go. Because when we go out on an uncertain road without knowing anything, we can crash. Continue reading “The financial plan that every entrepreneur must handle”

Virtual currencies Blockchain and developing countries

One of the main barriers found by Bitcoin and Block chain in the developed world is precisely that the economic agents whose sectors most revolutionize are those who feel that their business model may be more threatened. Therefore, the speeds of adoption in the first world countries may be slowed as is already happening at least until affected players know how to take advantage of the new ball rolling on the field.

Blockchain and developing countries

This complicated casuistry of stakes often does not exist in developing countries, since, in most cases, Bitcoin and Block chain allow developing and offering services and possibilities to formerly non-existent user bases and that many times they did not even have access to the most basic financial services. There the problems are different, which does not mean that when these services start beyond the Mediterranean. They end up becoming players, not only relevant at the national or continental level. They can aspire to challenge in their own home. Continue reading “Virtual currencies Blockchain and developing countries”