The podcast programs that every entrepreneur

If you want to take advantage of your time while on the way to work, waiting for a medical appointment or standing in line to pay a receipt podcasts are your best choice. Learn where to listen to them and what programs you can enjoy the most.


What do millennial do to be successful?

Podcasts are a radio format that can be played online or downloaded at any time. Thanks to them, they no longer need to watch a station nor adjust their times to those of the transmissions nor do they have to put up with repetitive commercials or their music. Continue reading “The podcast programs that every entrepreneur”

Taking notes at a business meeting

Take notes properly in a business meeting can keep you organized and can save a lot of work and headaches in the future. Follow the steps to take notes successfully.


Obtain the agenda and notes from the last meeting and all documents that will be discussed at the current meeting. Consider using a tape recorder to ensure accuracy.

business meeting

Record the date, time and place of the meeting.

  1. Write topics in the order in which they are examined. If point eight commented before point, two hold the item number but enter the number eight in the second place.

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