How to use factoring to grow your business?

This model advances hand in hand with the implementation of electronic invoicing. It is also an investment opportunity for individuals through crowd funding platforms. Perhaps you have experienced the complicated situation of accepting some payments from their customer’s longer terms to 30 days. It is most common, when they pass handled large customers, their accounting closures do not always match the cash flows of small and medium businesses. Many bills run the possibility of being paid in periods for business owners sometimes become a bottleneck.


Indeed, by 2018 Colombia should be migrated completely to the electronic invoice process that should be completed in January 2019. One of the advantages it brings the development of this mechanism is that any business can access the factoring, where the establishment receive money. Instantly, in exchange for accepting a discount on the bill, while a third is responsible for collecting the payer of the bill in the stipulated period. Continue reading “How to use factoring to grow your business?”

How to get the starting capital for your business?

Do you have the ideas to start your business but do not know how to find the money you need? We tell you what options you have to get ahead. Having a business idea hanging around for days in your head then encouraging you to develop it build a concrete project is already a giant step. Although, sometimes it turns out to be a misstep as not having funding and the idea frustrate people never materializes. Surely, you have heard in a conversation a friend or relative propose something lucrative. Then say that it is not viable because nobody is going to lend the money.

starting capital

Finding finance is often one of the first obstacles of each entrepreneur, and the reason why many do not encourage themselves to become independent. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have grown significantly. Continue reading “How to get the starting capital for your business?”

Tips on Financial Etiquette

Touch is the hardest thing to keep when it comes to money matters. Here are some expert tips on financial etiquette on how best to deal with difficult situations. In a restaurant, your friends suggest dividing the cost of food evenly but your food costs less. The same thing happens if you regularly have lunch with friends and the price of your food usually is almost the same as theirs. You do not want to be the person who is taking out the calculator.

Tips on Financial

However, it is okay to ask your server for a separate account before the meal if you often go out to eat with people who tend to order the most expensive meals and drinks. In fact, your tablemates will appreciate being able to order everything you want without feeling like an imposition. Continue reading “Tips on Financial Etiquette”

How do I know the idea I have of business will work?

Many of us want to be independent and have our own business, but we have no idea what to invest in how or where to start. That is why we give you some tips and tell you about projects that you might be interested in undertaking. Is the leader in a company born with that profile? Do you want to be a true leader in 2017? You can do it with these 12 tips. Part of a premise that must be very clear is that you and no one else will be the one who makes the decisions about the opportunities presented to you. Finally, who has to work and move to make things work is you.


That’s why you have to avoid being compared to others, but beware! We are not telling you to stop inquiring or not to report on how the sector is where you want to start. On the contrary, this is very important because for example if the economic situation tells us that the hydrocarbon sector is not at its best Moment. Analysts say that the ideal is to stop investing in oil well we must abandon the ship and take another course. Continue reading “How do I know the idea I have of business will work?”

What are the banks that handle the worst of their clients’ complaints?

Banks are still trying to reach more clients in Colombia. While they know that, the business tries to compete by trying to retain them and improve financial inclusion indicators. The country occupies an honorable third place in Latin America in this indicator and hopes that 8 out of 10 Colombian adults will have at least one financial product in 2018. Each bank has tried by its strategy to see itself as more human that is on the side of its clients to achieve their dreams and that has the best talent in each office to provide a solution to the needs of its customers.


The CIV firm in Colombia has been measuring the perception of bank users for 10 years and has just announced the results for 2016. For the tenth consecutive time Helm Bank achieved the first place of satisfaction. Emotional closeness with its clients among the top 12 Colombian banks due to its philosophy of service focused essentially on the customer experience and the fulfillment of its promise of service. Continue reading “What are the banks that handle the worst of their clients’ complaints?”

Tips to Grow your business

Regardless of whether you have one or 100 employees in an SME, the market constant are that no business is static. That is why you must make smart moves if you try to grow your business. Here are eight valuable tips that you will need if you are looking to maintain a solid and ever rising.

Grow your business

Enterprise observing the trends: Companies cannot survive if they do not consider the global picture you must keep up to date on new trends and current issues to make better decisions. Know all the numbers: A SME should keep a record of all their numbers. You should spend enough time to keep up with the flow of cash. In case you cannot, you must hire an accountant. Continue reading “Tips to Grow your business”

Ideas to put the accounting of the entrepreneurs in order

Small and medium-sized businesses are an excellent business alternative. But no matter how small the organization maintaining control of accounting will always be an important aspect to ensure proper functioning and also avoid legal or tax problems. Keeping the accounting of an SME is important to keep track of income expenses, payments to suppliers, billing and in general all aspects related to the expenses and benefits that our business entails.

accounting of the entrepreneurs

One of the options to take the accounting of a more effective SME is to opt for the services of an online accounting manager. This allows, in a simple and economical way, to have control of small and medium-sized company accounting without complications without the need to hire an accountant or dedicate precious time attending this aspect. Continue reading “Ideas to put the accounting of the entrepreneurs in order”

10 tips to launch a digital business

And you’ve decided to start a business online, peri once you have defined your business model and rotation, you know what are the steps?

In an online world, to engage in the business of selling products or services, promotion is key to have a digital marketing strategy, through a web page or social networks, to enhance the ability to succeed in the digital business.

Indeed, the startup Crehana, a company that offers online education, offers 10 tips to take on the world of digital business:

1. Find the problem and a real solution

Every enterprise operates and manages to grow by adding value to someone else. There are thousands of problems in everyday life that can be converted into business opportunities.

launch a digital business

2. Find the passion

Not only must find a solution to a real problem, you should find something move inside the entrepreneur and allow him to move forward in difficult times. ” Think of what you want to achieve, not what you want to be.” Continue reading “10 tips to launch a digital business”

5 Ideas to make money online with what you already know

With these methods to make money online will see how the profits will grow once they are perfected possible strategies used on the pages will explain here.

Many believe that to have money must be born in a rich family or winning the lottery. However, there are other ways to make money; some of them will not let you be the next Carlos Slim, but generate extra profits.

In addition, the best of all? It will only be able to make money with an internet connection from the comfort of home inclusive. So then, we will share several ways to earn money:

ideas to make money

1. Internet connection

The first thing most people try is make money online. It is very easy, requires absolutely nothing special and everyone can do it. For example, you can make money on the web reading emails, signing up to deals and contests, answering paid surveys, watching advertisements, etc. Continue reading “5 Ideas to make money online with what you already know”

Tips to overcome a slump in business

If you are going through a negative moment in business, it is good to learn how to deal with and whose solution is not to reduce staff or quality of products, but care prices and other secrets.

Many entrepreneurs don’t prepare for bad news, nor know how to overcome a slump in business because they do not have an adequate contingency plan.

And in all companies, there are seasons in which better or think. Nobody wants to imagine what would happen if, for example, the largest customer decides to terminate the contract, something unexpected happens, etc. Which can happen in any business, large or small.

So if you find yourself in a bad situation you have two ways to choose: the first is to sit waiting for the solution reaches the hands, and the second, take action and change the situation. In either case must be decided consciously and relaxed manner.

overcome a slump in business

Regarding compliance of all corporate commitment, entrepreneurs should know what is the minimum amount required to meet such obligations, including office rent (if not own), payment of salaries and services, taxes, etc. Everything else is profit.

So you have the ability to afford it mandatory at least? You can reduce the gain for a time, making war economy? What actions can take the employees to save? Continue reading “Tips to overcome a slump in business”