10 tips to launch a digital business

And you’ve decided to start a business online, peri once you have defined your business model and rotation, you know what are the steps?

In an online world, to engage in the business of selling products or services, promotion is key to have a digital marketing strategy, through a web page or social networks, to enhance the ability to succeed in the digital business.

Indeed, the startup Crehana, a company that offers online education, offers 10 tips to take on the world of digital business:

1. Find the problem and a real solution

Every enterprise operates and manages to grow by adding value to someone else. There are thousands of problems in everyday life that can be converted into business opportunities.

launch a digital business

2. Find the passion

Not only must find a solution to a real problem, you should find something move inside the entrepreneur and allow him to move forward in difficult times. ” Think of what you want to achieve, not what you want to be.” Continue reading “10 tips to launch a digital business”

5 Ideas to make money online with what you already know

With these methods to make money online will see how the profits will grow once they are perfected possible strategies used on the pages will explain here.

Many believe that to have money must be born in a rich family or winning the lottery. However, there are other ways to make money; some of them will not let you be the next Carlos Slim, but generate extra profits.

In addition, the best of all? It will only be able to make money with an internet connection from the comfort of home inclusive. So then, we will share several ways to earn money:

ideas to make money

1. Internet connection

The first thing most people try is make money online. It is very easy, requires absolutely nothing special and everyone can do it. For example, you can make money on the web reading emails, signing up to deals and contests, answering paid surveys, watching advertisements, etc. Continue reading “5 Ideas to make money online with what you already know”