How to renew the commercial registration by internet?

It is the obligation for all traders to carry out this process before March 3 we tell you how to do it. What are the benefits that would receive to make the renewal within the term? Commercial registration is the record that certifies the existence and constitution of companies or establishments. Therefore, those both natural and legal persons must register.

commercial registration

Carry out the renewal annually. According to the Chamber of Commerce, this register allows to exercise any commercial activity and publicly accredit the quality of the merchant. This document contains all the information of the merchants of the companies or establishments data that can consult the customers who want to contract with said businesses. Therefore, these records will allow you to expand the portfolio of both customers and suppliers to find new supply or demand niches. Continue reading “How to renew the commercial registration by internet?”

5 tips to avoid online fraud in your company

Attempted fraud via the Internet are nothing new, however, they have increased significantly in recent times. If you heard the phrase that “the best defense is attack”, the analogy turns out to be true both on the football field and in the world of preventing online fraud.

Many cases illustrate the situation of several companies that are quick to implement a basic fraud protection system only to comply with regulations or, even worse, in response to an attack or breach.

The truth is that if decisions are taken regarding anti-fraud protection could have major negative effects on the core of a company. Cybercriminals are not stupid, whose ultimate goal steal more money with minimal effort.

avoid online fraud

Like a thief who prefers raiding homes with doors unlocked, the cybercriminals opt to target your view to weak systems. Companies that have gaps in their fraud prevention systems for attackers biggest turn white. Continue reading “5 tips to avoid online fraud in your company”