How to become an investor with less than $ 100 dollars

Save the savings or try to grow them? Investing has become fashionable and you do not need to have a fortune to afford it. Low cost funds, innovative portals and even apps strive to attract novice investors at low prices. Do you want to grow your money but not endanger large sums? Perhaps, he is convinced that he wants to participate in the investment fever that currently lives the financial sector, but does not have much capital.

become an investor

None of these situations today is an obstacle. Although the financial crisis made many lose confidence in the banking. Some saw their lifelong savings fizzle out because their banks had invested in complex products that turned out to be worthless. The real estate sector, which had become fashionable as a way to grow savings, had also collapsed. Faced with disappointment, many chose to invest their money is startups or funds, where the sums raised have reached record figures in recent years. Continue reading “How to become an investor with less than $ 100 dollars”

Do not make mistakes in buying your insurance

A policy is acquired to protect you from a risk, a calamity, to cover yourself in case of damage or loss of something that is important to your life. Colombia is a unique country if you consider that most people prefer to protect their car against the risk of theft or total loss by accident, including health or life. Insurance penetration (an indicator that measures the share of insurance premiums issued in the economy through GDP, GDP) reaches 2.8%, well below markets like Chile (4.7%) but better Than in Uruguay (2.3%), Mexico (2.2%) and Peru (1.9%).

buying your insurance

One reason why this figure does not progress faster is that people do not know the clause that has their insurance. This is reflected in the complaints against the insurance sector, where the figures from the Superintendence of Finance reveal that during the first half of 2016 there was a 24% increase in customer non conformists compared to the industry, compared to the first half of the year. 2015. Continue reading “Do not make mistakes in buying your insurance”

What is forex and how does it work?

We talk about the issue with Marco Castillo who has experience of trader in the Colombian market.  The first thing that is recommended is to risk money that is willing to lose and in the words of Castillo. It is not a small amount if you open an account of only $ 50 dollars it is possible to lose them in a single operation. For starters, it is best to do it with amounts over $ 1,000. Due to its high volatility it is considered a high risk alternative. So if you are less risk-tolerant better consider other options.

What is forex

The dynamics of FOREX is simple to understand at first glance through trading platforms. This dichotomy must be kept in mind at the outset to avoid bad experiences in terms of profitability (capital losses) notes. Continue reading “What is forex and how does it work?”

How to think like a little child can help you in business

Creativity, curiosity, determination, ambition, is words that can well define those years that run from being a baby and entering the primary. What can we learn from them to advance our own business? After seeing a row of colorful fruit smoothies placed on the kitchen table, Paul turned to the group of children gathered around him.

little child can help you in business

The four-year-old was so confident in his decision that Lindley decided to introduce the new product of his company of food for children with the same name the red with a scarlet packaging. They said that pastel colors, green or brown would best match the organic central message associated with the product. The bright colors they insisted would generate noise among the audience. However, Lindley maintained the child’s decision, a vision that went beyond marketing the product. Continue reading “How to think like a little child can help you in business”

Invest in real estate projects through crowdfunding

With their savings, they bought the vacant lot, but to begin to build the residence of 3.5 floors they needed 3 million pesos (MDP). First, they knocked on the door of Santander they asked for experience and guarantee three to one to back the loan. If the land acquired was worth 3.2 million pesos, they would only be receiving 1.5 million and the property would remain under guarantee. Two Multi-Purpose Financial companies were their second option. The percentage of 18 to 19% interest they requested was too much to support their small developer.

His last alternative was to bet on crowd funding or collective financing. A scheme that allows small investors to put their money in real estate developments, with amounts from 25,000 pesos, and obtain returns higher than the IPC in an average term of one to two years.

In 2016, by recommendations of friends, Rivera, Moniz and Curial decided to try it through expansive one of the three platforms that exist in the country. which began operations in July 2015. In a first stage, they asked for 1.5 million pesos to start construction. In just over a month, obtained from 12 investors, who could contribute from 50,000 pesos?

Adolfo Zavala, co-founder of expansive, points out that it is a win-win. On the one hand, you cover the capital needs of these developers. On the other, you open the door to potential investors who intend to diversify their portfolio and obtain more and better returns than other investment instruments.

Financing usually occurs through debt or co-investment schemes. Tau applied the first round backed with 14% fixed rate promissory notes. Today, the work is in the fourth month of progress, and through Expansive, the entrepreneur’s report how the project is going. Investors will be able to see returns by mid-2017, once the house is sold

If you spend more than you have, your debts may possibly lead you to borrow with high interests. State Street Global Advisors placed the statue to commemorate International Women’s Day. Although the cost of mortgage lending rises, 2017 is a good year to buy a home, experts recommend.

The sins of SME when applying for obtaining credit

It is inevitable that you think about financing to expand a business. Improve operating conditions when revenues are still nourishing the initial investment as in most micro small and medium enterprises. What should you keep in mind when applying for a loan? What does the business bank evaluate? A more optimal way to request a credit is to be documented by the different channels of communication of the bank on the offers of credits.


What defines whether or not there is capacity to pay a financial obligation is its flow. It removes from subtracting income from business expenses. Thus we know if it is enough to cover obligations that have more than the ones you are requesting. Continue reading “The sins of SME when applying for obtaining credit”

Saving for Retirement Not for Treasury

Now of retirement to collect the savings in their pension plan many almost give them a heart attack since it is when they realize the fiscal implications of having to choose a savings product in the face of retirement. Paying taxes on products to save for our retirement can account for more than half of the capital we have saved.

Saving for Retirement

The current economic situation the demographic evolution and the social security situation is causing many to consider allocating part of their savings to supplement the public pension in the future since each view will be more complicated to get to collect the Maximum of the pension. Continue reading “Saving for Retirement Not for Treasury”

6 ideas to make money in summer

The summer offers own business opportunities of the time that can be taken advantage of by those who look for extra income. Here are some ideas.

The great assistance to the beaches during the first months of the year can be harnessed for various alternatives entrepreneurship, because it must be remembered that it is during the summer in which millions of people have time available.

make money in summer

Therefore, we offer some business ideas that can be implemented successfully in the hottest season of the year.

1. Frozen beverages

If the heat starts to arrive, the thirst will also increase, so that the frozen drinks will sell well anywhere. There is no need to buy a space or a cart, you should only have a mobile refrigerator with handle and go making the offers on beaches. Work is a bit exhausting, but a good income is guaranteed, especially if you buy from beverage suppliers, who sell the drinks at a lower price. Continue reading “6 ideas to make money in summer”