Platform you pay your services and improvements your credit history

For people who have never applied for a loan in a formal way what happens to young people who join the labor market they ask for experience but how they will generate it if they do not give them work. Something similar happens in the financial system. If you do not have a credit history that supports you, it is very complex to be granted financing it is a kind of vicious circle.

services and improvements your credit

Platform that helps responsible people demonstrate that they are good payers and increase their chances of accessing credit. The platform is free and people only have to register and upload the bill for basic services like light, so the system will check and generate the payment history. Continue reading “Platform you pay your services and improvements your credit history”

Tips for managing office politics

Learn how to manage office politics effectively instead of complaining and fantasizing that one day will disappear by magic. Few people like to deal with office politics: there are conflicting agendas misaligned priorities, and pursuit of personal goals. However, these issues are impossible to avoid. Instead, you need to handle them.

office politics

Here are three ways to deal with office politics when you should draw a political map. Begin by understanding all the stakeholders and the way they are connected. This will help you navigate the topics when trying to make changes, or just do your job. Continue reading “Tips for managing office politics”