Three Common Mistakes of Persuasion

It is possible to re-create a new work identity by making a mid-career change. The trick is not to think too much. A mid-career change can be a challenge, especially if it has been typecast in its current role. It is possible to recreate the job identity, as long as you do not stay in the introspection phase.

Mistakes of Persuasion

Reinvent your professional life

It is not enough to ask employees to do a job there are some commonly used mistakes when trying to persuade them to be avoided. Do not make these errors of persuasion. In today’s business environment, it is not enough to ask employees to do a job. It is necessary to explain why they should do so. Avoid three of the most common mistakes when trying to influence others: Continue reading “Three Common Mistakes of Persuasion”

7 Tricks to prepare conferences that cause furor

In an age where style conference TED rage in the world, have been able to learn some basic principles that can help all exponent interested in causing furor in the audience. The key? It is called Storytelling.

It is “telling a story” and is creating a buzz that brings about a dramatic catharsis at the end. Although it seems easy, the Storytelling is a difficult skill to develop and capable of causing a huge impact on the public. Here are some tips to put into practice in your lectures and presentations:

1. Define which will be given away to the public

It should begin by defining the content of the presentation to be shared. Is information already available on the Internet or some kind of publication? Are you going to create a synthesis? ¿Or develop new content?

how to prepare conference

2. Use simple language

A major obstacle to connect with the audience is to speak as if to ourselves. Even when you will make a very technical presentation, we must focus on the public interest. Steve Jobs mastered this art to perfection, so instead of saying “The new ipod has 4GB capacity, “he said, “Now you can have 1,000 songs in your pocket”. Continue reading “7 Tricks to prepare conferences that cause furor”