Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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4 enemies that destroy an entrepreneur

Currently just a few seconds navigate by internet to find dozens of articles that talk about the benefits of being an entrepreneur; many of them paint a rosy picture in which only just come to become a successful entrepreneur.

But few of these articles often speak of certain factors that destroy dreams of entrepreneurship, something that could be mentioned as the enemies of the entrepreneur.

Precisely, according to the Peruvian SME Society, 12 thousand mypes emerge every year, but only 10% exceeds the year of activity. Why this phenomenon? What are the enemies to overcome?

entrepreneur destroyer enemy

1. Problems with partners

Much of the problems of the entrepreneurs have to do with the partners; When within a project there is no clear scheme of participation, sharing of profits and role of partners, conflicts begin to be part of the day to day. The company is not just numbers, it is also spirit and attitude of triumph. For this reason perhaps one of the most important decisions of the entrepreneur is to know how to choose his partners.

2. Debts

Most ideas of entrepreneurship arise in an idea; which in most cases it needs capital to develop, which in turn generates the need to seek funding.

And as the entrepreneur does not have knowledge about the functioning of bank loans often choose the option that in his view seems the simplest. That is why this lack of knowledge is the generator of economic problems that slowly wreck the company.

3. Lack of business vision

Many times novice entrepreneurs want to start projects of which they have no idea how they work, what are their strengths, weaknesses or what future they may have. They only tend to focus on the image projected by the owners or partners of some companies, thinking that for the mere fact of entering their market they will be identical in image and likeness.

If you are planning to run a business where you have never been or only have a vague idea of how it works, it is a big mistake. It is necessary to realize a project in which one has an important knowledge of the same one.

4. Administrative, accounting and labor knowledge

Administration of a business or company is all; You can not think about doing a winning project if you are not well advised. In the administrative, accounting and labor. Therefore, the entrepreneur should always be a sponge capable of absorbing any knowledge that presents itself every day; And for that it requires being advised and having a good team.