Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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Financial gifts for three different dads

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A fashion watch, a leather wallet or a tie will not be much help to the head of the family if you want to show that you care. It is time to think about something different, long-term and that serves you. Yes, we talk about financial gifts. Gerardo Acosta Sanchez, director of Sales and Distribution suggests the purchase of insurance, which allows him to have medical care, generate savings or restore the theft of objects.

Financial gifts

Dads with small children are the ones who need to be more protected, because if they are missing, the tranquility of their family would be seriously affected Deputy Director of Insurance. Do not let your hobby go out of your way offers a product that covers personal accidents for athletes. It costs 400 pesos and has an insured sum of 25,000 for medical care and 50,000 for organ loss or death.

Preferential access

With Affinity Card, you can access exclusive concert pre-sales. The requirements to obtain it are to have a minimum income of 7,000 pesos per month.

Protection of your vehicle

She already bought the bike now to take care of it. Several platforms help you to quote and find the best insurance that protects the unit against theft damage or civil liability. There are 1,000 pesos a year.  For 189 pesos a month, you can give away the protection of your computer, tablet, cell phone, video games, watch or bicycle. The product is contracted through SMS or by phone at and has an insured sum of 20,000 pesos.

The bank of your dreams

With just 500 pesos, online and in minutes, you can open a savings account an online bank that does not charge a commission for opening reimburses the expense for withdrawals from other banks. Gift stamps, gold and silver coins are an option to collect and invest as over time, they increase in value. A hundred-year-old gold of 50 pesos costs 30,203 and the one of 10 are worth 6,278. They can be purchased at the Mint or at a bank. There are options for not keeping everything at home, such as your watches, money, important papers. Some companies have vaults and there they offer the rental of safes for between 4,500 and 22,000 pesos a year. If you would like to know telephone related information, you could choose telephone readings.