Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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How do I know the idea I have of business will work?

Many of us want to be independent and have our own business, but we have no idea what to invest in how or where to start. That is why we give you some tips and tell you about projects that you might be interested in undertaking. Is the leader in a company born with that profile? Do you want to be a true leader in 2017? You can do it with these 12 tips. Part of a premise that must be very clear is that you and no one else will be the one who makes the decisions about the opportunities presented to you. Finally, who has to work and move to make things work is you.


That’s why you have to avoid being compared to others, but beware! We are not telling you to stop inquiring or not to report on how the sector is where you want to start. On the contrary, this is very important because for example if the economic situation tells us that the hydrocarbon sector is not at its best Moment. Analysts say that the ideal is to stop investing in oil well we must abandon the ship and take another course.

When we talk about comparing ourselves with others, we mean the image of success or failure that you may have of your neighbor, friend or relative. With the idea that if he did well with the empanadas business to me the same thing would happen on the contrary my uncle started a hardware business and at two months failure.

You have to think about yourself and your abilities if you compare it do not do it superficially. Because your family member may have gone wrong with the business because he did not know how to manage it and never organized but you do not have the opposite because in that sense it is more disciplined. How do you know if the idea you have in mind can become a business?

In a column written by Javier Diaz, in Business and Entrepreneurship the author defines the term business idea as follows: is the initial notion of the company to be created. This initial idea presents essential characteristics such as the identification of a need or problem to be solved, which are satisfied through a product or service with which in return an economic benefit is expected.

It seems difficult to imagine should not cost us because the thoughts never end and usually we build them daily what happens is that we are forced to have them and they should arise naturally as happens to Children, so it is best to relax and let them flow. The success of an idea according to Diaz, lies in the novelty that this is moreover, an idea by itself, is worth nothing, the important thing is to execute it and implement it with a business that is profitable to generate income.

Must have legal aspects allowed

Think of these features as requiring time and effort to get them done right and done. If you still believe that you are confused with what you want to do and you do not have clarity in your business idea, we recommend that you make a determination based on the things you like, the needs or problems of others or your work experience.