Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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How to get the starting capital for your business?

starting capital

Do you have the ideas to start your business but do not know how to find the money you need? We tell you what options you have to get ahead. Having a business idea hanging around for days in your head then encouraging you to develop it build a concrete project is already a giant step. Although, sometimes it turns out to be a misstep as not having funding and the idea frustrate people never materializes. Surely, you have heard in a conversation a friend or relative propose something lucrative. Then say that it is not viable because nobody is going to lend the money.

starting capital

Finding finance is often one of the first obstacles of each entrepreneur, and the reason why many do not encourage themselves to become independent. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have grown significantly.

What this tells us is that more and more people are taking risks and are undertaking this positive balance shows that in view of the current economic cycle Colombians are committed to entrepreneurship in the formal sector bringing with them greater opportunities for employment and income generation. If more and more people are creating more companies, it means that more people have been able to get funding. So if they can, do not be discouraged to try.

Investment Mentoring Program

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogot√° opened the third edition which is a program where successful entrepreneurs sponsor for six months to entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their business. This option is recommended if you already have a business running. You have not been able to grow it, since you will receive advice from ‘mentors’ to strengthen their businesses and bring them closer to the capital they need. At the end of the process entrepreneurs mentors have the option of investing in the company.

The advantages offered by this program for entrepreneurs, in addition to financing, are possibilities to transform your business, have a strong corporate governance policy and optimize costs. On the side of mentors, its advantages are to make investment plans and have the opportunity to enter the network of mentors of the Chamber of Bogota.