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How to think like a little child can help you in business

little child can help you in business

Creativity, curiosity, determination, ambition, is words that can well define those years that run from being a baby and entering the primary. What can we learn from them to advance our own business? After seeing a row of colorful fruit smoothies placed on the kitchen table, Paul turned to the group of children gathered around him.

little child can help you in business

The four-year-old was so confident in his decision that Lindley decided to introduce the new product of his company of food for children with the same name the red with a scarlet packaging. They said that pastel colors, green or brown would best match the organic central message associated with the product. The bright colors they insisted would generate noise among the audience. However, Lindley maintained the child’s decision, a vision that went beyond marketing the product.

The confidence of the children

With no prior business experience and a capital of $ 32,339, Lindley realized that he needed to inject more force into his presentation as a sales man to convince manufacturers and supermarkets to work with him. I was inspired to see a child stand on a stage to sing during the performance of Jesus’ birth, or the self-confidence they convey when they show their drawings,” said Lindley.

For the 50-year-old entrepreneur adopting the mentality of a small child paid off. “Ella’s Kitchen,” the company she founded in the UK in 2006, expanded to more than 40 countries and now has sales of more than $ 100 million each year. In Lindley’s view it is a lesson that many entrepreneurs should take into account. For him, children should be seen as something more than adults in training should. Should we should recognize their creativity their curiosity determination ambition and sociability. In other words, the behavior of a child who seeks attention may eclipse anything that a marketing expert invents.

The inner child

It is not that Lindley is promoting tantrums. It is about rescuing the positive things of childhood, amplifying them, remembering them and rediscovering them in your adult life he says. In addition, academic research supports Lindley’s approach. That thanks to his free creativity and his jocosity children represents the research and development department of the human species. Adulthood is the department of production and marketing he compares.

As we get older, the front of our brain-which we use to plan, focuses, and makes quick decisions-exercises more control. This has as a disadvantage a less divergent way of thinking. It makes it more difficult for us to imagine different possibilities and to learn new things.

The noise, the unpredictability and the changing nature that we see in children something we want to control is actually one of the things that allow new generations to think differently says the researcher.

Install the child button

The challenge for entrepreneurs who aspire to capture creativity, innovation and upheaval without losing effectiveness in planning and execution is to be able to go back and forth between these two minds.