Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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6 ideas to make money in summer

The summer offers own business opportunities of the time that can be taken advantage of by those who look for extra income. Here are some ideas.

The great assistance to the beaches during the first months of the year can be harnessed for various alternatives entrepreneurship, because it must be remembered that it is during the summer in which millions of people have time available.

make money in summer

Therefore, we offer some business ideas that can be implemented successfully in the hottest season of the year.

1. Frozen beverages

If the heat starts to arrive, the thirst will also increase, so that the frozen drinks will sell well anywhere. There is no need to buy a space or a cart, you should only have a mobile refrigerator with handle and go making the offers on beaches. Work is a bit exhausting, but a good income is guaranteed, especially if you buy from beverage suppliers, who sell the drinks at a lower price.

2. The sale of ice cream

This is one of the classic business ideas to earn money in the summer. It is a business that offers profit margins of between 100% and 300%, depending on the model being adopted. The investment is not high because you do not even need to set up an ice cream shop that, in order not to spend too much money, the best model is the street vending, either through polystyrene boxes to keep ice cream or even with a cart .

3. Summer Sports School

Sports are becoming more and more fashionable. However, there are sports that we dare not start without having the help of a teacher. Surfing, body boarding, and even skateboarding are some of these sports. Therefore, if you live in a sea area and good waves open a business in the area of water sports could generate a good monthly income during the season.

4. The sale of bikinis and sandals

Another good business idea to make money in the summer is selling bikinis and sandals. It is true that the vast majority of women buy these garments in established stores, but it is also true that you can not resist a cute and very cheap model offered on the beach sands in the summer.

5. The beach bus

The key is to organize entertaining games and activities within the mobility and have a varied menu of drinks and snacks.