Saving for Retirement Not for Treasury

Now of retirement to collect the savings in their pension plan many almost give them a heart attack since it is when they realize the fiscal implications of having to choose a savings product in the face of retirement. Paying taxes on products to save for our retirement can account for more than half of the capital we have saved.

Saving for Retirement

The current economic situation the demographic evolution and the social security situation is causing many to consider allocating part of their savings to supplement the public pension in the future since each view will be more complicated to get to collect the Maximum of the pension. Continue reading “Saving for Retirement Not for Treasury”

Tips to Grow your business

Regardless of whether you have one or 100 employees in an SME, the market constant are that no business is static. That is why you must make smart moves if you try to grow your business. Here are eight valuable tips that you will need if you are looking to maintain a solid and ever rising.

Grow your business

Enterprise observing the trends: Companies cannot survive if they do not consider the global picture you must keep up to date on new trends and current issues to make better decisions. Know all the numbers: A SME should keep a record of all their numbers. You should spend enough time to keep up with the flow of cash. In case you cannot, you must hire an accountant. Continue reading “Tips to Grow your business”

Ideas to put the accounting of the entrepreneurs in order

Small and medium-sized businesses are an excellent business alternative. But no matter how small the organization maintaining control of accounting will always be an important aspect to ensure proper functioning and also avoid legal or tax problems. Keeping the accounting of an SME is important to keep track of income expenses, payments to suppliers, billing and in general all aspects related to the expenses and benefits that our business entails.

accounting of the entrepreneurs

One of the options to take the accounting of a more effective SME is to opt for the services of an online accounting manager. This allows, in a simple and economical way, to have control of small and medium-sized company accounting without complications without the need to hire an accountant or dedicate precious time attending this aspect. Continue reading “Ideas to put the accounting of the entrepreneurs in order”

Financial education needed for children

The issue of money with the smallest of the household is always small children are like sponges as they absorb all the information around them, so it is very important to teach them habits and attitudes that will affect their behavior as they grow up. One of the most important habits to teach is the administration of money and the value of it.

Financial education

The following financial tools are ideal for sharing with children:

Investment: Many banks offer child savings accounts. This way, children will save their money safely and enjoy returns so they can learn that there are options for saving money. Budget: The obligatory weapon to be shown to the children to write down the monthly income (allowance, Sunday) of the children in a leaf so that later they write their expenses will help that they know how much money destine to each thing and they can make a comparison. In the end, knowing your expenses will make them more aware of your financial decisions. Continue reading “Financial education needed for children”

Taking notes at a business meeting

Take notes properly in a business meeting can keep you organized and can save a lot of work and headaches in the future. Follow the steps to take notes successfully.


Obtain the agenda and notes from the last meeting and all documents that will be discussed at the current meeting. Consider using a tape recorder to ensure accuracy.

business meeting

Record the date, time and place of the meeting.

  1. Write topics in the order in which they are examined. If point eight commented before point, two hold the item number but enter the number eight in the second place.

Continue reading “Taking notes at a business meeting”

7 Amazing Ways to Save Money at Home

Household chores never end, and there are even many items that are difficult to clean completely, but there are many items that have many more uses than you can imagine.

Who does not have nail polish or toothpaste at home? Many articles have many more uses than you can imagine and that can improve our lives and incidentally help save money.

Therefore, we offer you a list of 10 common products that you can find at home but whose uses … you will be surprised!

save money at home

1. Toothpaste

To remove ink stains and lipstick you should apply some toothpaste to the stain and rub it well; then rinse and repeat the operation until the stain is gone. For strong hand odors (for example, after peeling garlic), you should wash your hands with toothpaste instead of soap. Continue reading “7 Amazing Ways to Save Money at Home”

5 habits that will make you earn more money in 2017

The end of 2016 is fast approaching and while many are already immersed in the preparations that come with the holidays, in fact, it is the best time to focus and start thinking about 2017.

Precisely, one of the questions is what the goals for the coming year are that for many people, these goals include financial motivations. Therefore, if you want to become rich in the New Year, here are some habits that you can get.

1. Fight for your own dreams or anyone else’s

If you really want to start making money and finally be rich in 2017, then you need to do something that you truly love. Without that passion, you will never be able to reach the maximum economic potential. Focusing then on doing what one loves and is passionate about, not just something that turns out to be well paid. In addition, we must remember that obsession is the key to true success that can lead to being rich.

personal financial habits

2. Dream big, but start small.

Everyone wants great success quickly, but it is best to go slowly. First, you must optimize the process before trying to think big. The truth is that many successful entrepreneurs gambled big thanks to the confidence they had in themselves. Continue reading “5 habits that will make you earn more money in 2017”

6 ideas to make money in summer

The summer offers own business opportunities of the time that can be taken advantage of by those who look for extra income. Here are some ideas.

The great assistance to the beaches during the first months of the year can be harnessed for various alternatives entrepreneurship, because it must be remembered that it is during the summer in which millions of people have time available.

make money in summer

Therefore, we offer some business ideas that can be implemented successfully in the hottest season of the year.

1. Frozen beverages

If the heat starts to arrive, the thirst will also increase, so that the frozen drinks will sell well anywhere. There is no need to buy a space or a cart, you should only have a mobile refrigerator with handle and go making the offers on beaches. Work is a bit exhausting, but a good income is guaranteed, especially if you buy from beverage suppliers, who sell the drinks at a lower price. Continue reading “6 ideas to make money in summer”

4 enemies that destroy an entrepreneur

Currently just a few seconds navigate by internet to find dozens of articles that talk about the benefits of being an entrepreneur; many of them paint a rosy picture in which only just come to become a successful entrepreneur.

But few of these articles often speak of certain factors that destroy dreams of entrepreneurship, something that could be mentioned as the enemies of the entrepreneur.

Precisely, according to the Peruvian SME Society, 12 thousand mypes emerge every year, but only 10% exceeds the year of activity. Why this phenomenon? What are the enemies to overcome?

entrepreneur destroyer enemy

1. Problems with partners

Much of the problems of the entrepreneurs have to do with the partners; When within a project there is no clear scheme of participation, sharing of profits and role of partners, conflicts begin to be part of the day to day. The company is not just numbers, it is also spirit and attitude of triumph. For this reason perhaps one of the most important decisions of the entrepreneur is to know how to choose his partners.

2. Debts

Most ideas of entrepreneurship arise in an idea; which in most cases it needs capital to develop, which in turn generates the need to seek funding.

And as the entrepreneur does not have knowledge about the functioning of bank loans often choose the option that in his view seems the simplest. That is why this lack of knowledge is the generator of economic problems that slowly wreck the company.

3. Lack of business vision

Many times novice entrepreneurs want to start projects of which they have no idea how they work, what are their strengths, weaknesses or what future they may have. They only tend to focus on the image projected by the owners or partners of some companies, thinking that for the mere fact of entering their market they will be identical in image and likeness.

If you are planning to run a business where you have never been or only have a vague idea of how it works, it is a big mistake. It is necessary to realize a project in which one has an important knowledge of the same one.

4. Administrative, accounting and labor knowledge

Administration of a business or company is all; You can not think about doing a winning project if you are not well advised. In the administrative, accounting and labor. Therefore, the entrepreneur should always be a sponge capable of absorbing any knowledge that presents itself every day; And for that it requires being advised and having a good team.

Basic Tips for Avoiding Debt with Credit Card

At Christmas times people usually resort to any financing instrument to cover their expenses, however, if they are not used responsibly, they can become a very heavy economic slab.

An alternative to avoid debt during the holiday season or fall on the blacklist of banks for non-payment of credit taking credit card, is buying debt.

This purchase is intended for users of credit cards that can not pay off the entire debt taken. You have to take into account that the interest of credit cards, are not cheap, since it can reach 70% if you have made purchases.

avoiding debt with credit cards

We must also know that there are financial institutions that offer to buy the debt of the entity to which it owes at very low interest rates that can reach 13% and long term deposits, helping to pay each month the same quota. But is this mechanism recommended? Continue reading “Basic Tips for Avoiding Debt with Credit Card”