Basic Tips for Avoiding Debt with Credit Card

At Christmas times people usually resort to any financing instrument to cover their expenses, however, if they are not used responsibly, they can become a very heavy economic slab.

An alternative to avoid debt during the holiday season or fall on the blacklist of banks for non-payment of credit taking credit card, is buying debt.

This purchase is intended for users of credit cards that can not pay off the entire debt taken. You have to take into account that the interest of credit cards, are not cheap, since it can reach 70% if you have made purchases.

avoiding debt with credit cards

We must also know that there are financial institutions that offer to buy the debt of the entity to which it owes at very low interest rates that can reach 13% and long term deposits, helping to pay each month the same quota. But is this mechanism recommended? Continue reading “Basic Tips for Avoiding Debt with Credit Card”

7 mantras to start the day full of productivity

Words have an undeniable power and usually the way spoken determine how easy or difficult will be our way to success. However, what would happen if certain phrases were repeated every morning?

The mantras are significant expressions that have a psychological and spiritual power in human beings. No matter if they are read, spoken or heard, always they have the power to bring calm and serenity to the stressful life today.

It has been found that many of them work particularly well in the mornings, for being the first thing that starts the day, it ensures start it with a receptive, cheerful and hopeful attitude.

productivity day

So we offer some beautiful mantras for inclusion in the ritual morning and start the day with energy and productivity. Continue reading “7 mantras to start the day full of productivity”

10 tips to launch a digital business

And you’ve decided to start a business online, peri once you have defined your business model and rotation, you know what are the steps?

In an online world, to engage in the business of selling products or services, promotion is key to have a digital marketing strategy, through a web page or social networks, to enhance the ability to succeed in the digital business.

Indeed, the startup Crehana, a company that offers online education, offers 10 tips to take on the world of digital business:

1. Find the problem and a real solution

Every enterprise operates and manages to grow by adding value to someone else. There are thousands of problems in everyday life that can be converted into business opportunities.

launch a digital business

2. Find the passion

Not only must find a solution to a real problem, you should find something move inside the entrepreneur and allow him to move forward in difficult times. ” Think of what you want to achieve, not what you want to be.” Continue reading “10 tips to launch a digital business”

5 Ideas to make money online with what you already know

With these methods to make money online will see how the profits will grow once they are perfected possible strategies used on the pages will explain here.

Many believe that to have money must be born in a rich family or winning the lottery. However, there are other ways to make money; some of them will not let you be the next Carlos Slim, but generate extra profits.

In addition, the best of all? It will only be able to make money with an internet connection from the comfort of home inclusive. So then, we will share several ways to earn money:

ideas to make money

1. Internet connection

The first thing most people try is make money online. It is very easy, requires absolutely nothing special and everyone can do it. For example, you can make money on the web reading emails, signing up to deals and contests, answering paid surveys, watching advertisements, etc. Continue reading “5 Ideas to make money online with what you already know”

4 things you must do to save on Christmas

Christmas saving is possible only needs to be clear that you want to do and take note of the following tips that we offer below.

There are some difficult moments for personal finance where spending soars as is Christmas. Therefore, are some tips for these special dates do not become a serious headache?

So,. if what is intended is to save good money for the holidays, either to spend on gifts or to start the year saving, all you have to do is pay attention to these tricks will give below:

christmas savings

1. Save money on Christmas dinners

If you were to organize a family dinner, it is important early start filling the pantry now. The chocolates, turkey, pork, chicken and variety of sweets often find some discount in the first week of December. Upon reaching the Christmas season, especially in the first half of December, up. That is why should be planning now the Christmas menu, and start buying those ingredients that its price will rise exorbitantly. Continue reading “4 things you must do to save on Christmas”

Tips to overcome a slump in business

If you are going through a negative moment in business, it is good to learn how to deal with and whose solution is not to reduce staff or quality of products, but care prices and other secrets.

Many entrepreneurs don’t prepare for bad news, nor know how to overcome a slump in business because they do not have an adequate contingency plan.

And in all companies, there are seasons in which better or think. Nobody wants to imagine what would happen if, for example, the largest customer decides to terminate the contract, something unexpected happens, etc. Which can happen in any business, large or small.

So if you find yourself in a bad situation you have two ways to choose: the first is to sit waiting for the solution reaches the hands, and the second, take action and change the situation. In either case must be decided consciously and relaxed manner.

overcome a slump in business

Regarding compliance of all corporate commitment, entrepreneurs should know what is the minimum amount required to meet such obligations, including office rent (if not own), payment of salaries and services, taxes, etc. Everything else is profit.

So you have the ability to afford it mandatory at least? You can reduce the gain for a time, making war economy? What actions can take the employees to save? Continue reading “Tips to overcome a slump in business”

5 tips to avoid online fraud in your company

Attempted fraud via the Internet are nothing new, however, they have increased significantly in recent times. If you heard the phrase that “the best defense is attack”, the analogy turns out to be true both on the football field and in the world of preventing online fraud.

Many cases illustrate the situation of several companies that are quick to implement a basic fraud protection system only to comply with regulations or, even worse, in response to an attack or breach.

The truth is that if decisions are taken regarding anti-fraud protection could have major negative effects on the core of a company. Cybercriminals are not stupid, whose ultimate goal steal more money with minimal effort.

avoid online fraud

Like a thief who prefers raiding homes with doors unlocked, the cybercriminals opt to target your view to weak systems. Companies that have gaps in their fraud prevention systems for attackers biggest turn white. Continue reading “5 tips to avoid online fraud in your company”

5 tips for buying a car with the Christmas bonus

December is the month when banks and dealers offer multiple opportunities to buy the first car. This is because many will receive the bonus for Christmas, which is the opportunity to have extra money needed to complete the initial share of dream vehicle.

So we offer the following tips for buying the car is looking more efficiently and to ensure financial peace of mind in the short and long term.

1. Know the car is sought

It is recommended to make a list of the uses that are thought to give or needs to cover; for example, the transfer of the office to home, going out on weekends out of town, the appearance shopping centers, etc. This is necessary to assess how much displacement should have the car so it is better to have cars with engines between 1300 cc and 1800 cc, because although the car does not exceed the budget, it may be that long – term own vehicle expenses become inconvenient.

tips for buying a car

2. Consider the additional costs

Having a car not only involves walking and recharges the gas tank; you should also consider a budget of monthly salary to give the respective maintenance. Therefore, before buying the car you need to consider how much the care of it, because each brand has a different maintenance. It should also consider other extra – additional costs as SOAT, property registration, vehicle insurance and short – term maintenance. Continue reading “5 tips for buying a car with the Christmas bonus”

7 Tricks to prepare conferences that cause furor

In an age where style conference TED rage in the world, have been able to learn some basic principles that can help all exponent interested in causing furor in the audience. The key? It is called Storytelling.

It is “telling a story” and is creating a buzz that brings about a dramatic catharsis at the end. Although it seems easy, the Storytelling is a difficult skill to develop and capable of causing a huge impact on the public. Here are some tips to put into practice in your lectures and presentations:

1. Define which will be given away to the public

It should begin by defining the content of the presentation to be shared. Is information already available on the Internet or some kind of publication? Are you going to create a synthesis? ¿Or develop new content?

how to prepare conference

2. Use simple language

A major obstacle to connect with the audience is to speak as if to ourselves. Even when you will make a very technical presentation, we must focus on the public interest. Steve Jobs mastered this art to perfection, so instead of saying “The new ipod has 4GB capacity, “he said, “Now you can have 1,000 songs in your pocket”. Continue reading “7 Tricks to prepare conferences that cause furor”

How To Deal With Back Taxes

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business or an individual, at one point or another you may encounter tax problems. Some common tax problems in Canada include, but are not limited to, tax evasion, back taxes, late filing of taxes, among other issues. The bigger issue is what happens when you are in trouble with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)?

The CRA is Canada’s tax administration agency tasked with collecting taxes from Canadian residents and business; in addition, the CRA is responsible for enforcing tax laws and applying penalties as needed. Getting back to the question at hand, what happens when you encounter tax trouble? First, you need take a deep breath and relax. Then, you should carefully read your tax notice. After that, you contact a tax firm as soon as possible for assistance. A tax firm is a business staffed with tax attorneys and certified tax professionals who are trained in dealing with tax problems. The most important task the firm can do for you is to help you understand your tax situation and advise you on what actions you need to take. They can also negotiate an effective payment plan with the CRA that will get your tax debt paid off in a timely and affordable manner.


The CRA places hard penalties on back taxes. The CRA’s main concern is to collect the debt you owe to the government, and the CRA will impose any administrative penalties necessary, such as wage garnishments, bank account levies, and more. A court order is not even needed for many of the CRA’s administrative penalties. Continue reading “How To Deal With Back Taxes”