Tips on Financial Etiquette

Touch is the hardest thing to keep when it comes to money matters. Here are some expert tips on financial etiquette on how best to deal with difficult situations. In a restaurant, your friends suggest dividing the cost of food evenly but your food costs less. The same thing happens if you regularly have lunch with friends and the price of your food usually is almost the same as theirs. You do not want to be the person who is taking out the calculator.

Tips on Financial

However, it is okay to ask your server for a separate account before the meal if you often go out to eat with people who tend to order the most expensive meals and drinks. In fact, your tablemates will appreciate being able to order everything you want without feeling like an imposition. Continue reading “Tips on Financial Etiquette”

Households borrow 14% more from personal loans

Going to credit to finance day to day spending is once again a common practice among consumers once they have forgotten the worst consequences of the economic crisis for family budgets. Households have resumed the hiring of all types of instant financing products which usually do not have as many concession barriers as a mortgage to purchase the classic household appliance make the trip dream or renew your vehicle.

personal loans

The volume of new operations reached 27,355 million last year, which implies several milestones: a new increase of 14% compared to the previous year, when it was already improving 13%. At the same time, the highest level of credit investment since before the recession began. Continue reading “Households borrow 14% more from personal loans”

The sins of SME when applying for obtaining credit

It is inevitable that you think about financing to expand a business. Improve operating conditions when revenues are still nourishing the initial investment as in most micro small and medium enterprises. What should you keep in mind when applying for a loan? What does the business bank evaluate? A more optimal way to request a credit is to be documented by the different channels of communication of the bank on the offers of credits.


What defines whether or not there is capacity to pay a financial obligation is its flow. It removes from subtracting income from business expenses. Thus we know if it is enough to cover obligations that have more than the ones you are requesting. Continue reading “The sins of SME when applying for obtaining credit”

How to renew the commercial registration by internet?

It is the obligation for all traders to carry out this process before March 3 we tell you how to do it. What are the benefits that would receive to make the renewal within the term? Commercial registration is the record that certifies the existence and constitution of companies or establishments. Therefore, those both natural and legal persons must register.

commercial registration

Carry out the renewal annually. According to the Chamber of Commerce, this register allows to exercise any commercial activity and publicly accredit the quality of the merchant. This document contains all the information of the merchants of the companies or establishments data that can consult the customers who want to contract with said businesses. Therefore, these records will allow you to expand the portfolio of both customers and suppliers to find new supply or demand niches. Continue reading “How to renew the commercial registration by internet?”

How do I know the idea I have of business will work?

Many of us want to be independent and have our own business, but we have no idea what to invest in how or where to start. That is why we give you some tips and tell you about projects that you might be interested in undertaking. Is the leader in a company born with that profile? Do you want to be a true leader in 2017? You can do it with these 12 tips. Part of a premise that must be very clear is that you and no one else will be the one who makes the decisions about the opportunities presented to you. Finally, who has to work and move to make things work is you.


That’s why you have to avoid being compared to others, but beware! We are not telling you to stop inquiring or not to report on how the sector is where you want to start. On the contrary, this is very important because for example if the economic situation tells us that the hydrocarbon sector is not at its best Moment. Analysts say that the ideal is to stop investing in oil well we must abandon the ship and take another course. Continue reading “How do I know the idea I have of business will work?”

What are the banks that handle the worst of their clients’ complaints?

Banks are still trying to reach more clients in Colombia. While they know that, the business tries to compete by trying to retain them and improve financial inclusion indicators. The country occupies an honorable third place in Latin America in this indicator and hopes that 8 out of 10 Colombian adults will have at least one financial product in 2018. Each bank has tried by its strategy to see itself as more human that is on the side of its clients to achieve their dreams and that has the best talent in each office to provide a solution to the needs of its customers.


The CIV firm in Colombia has been measuring the perception of bank users for 10 years and has just announced the results for 2016. For the tenth consecutive time Helm Bank achieved the first place of satisfaction. Emotional closeness with its clients among the top 12 Colombian banks due to its philosophy of service focused essentially on the customer experience and the fulfillment of its promise of service. Continue reading “What are the banks that handle the worst of their clients’ complaints?”

The podcast programs that every entrepreneur

If you want to take advantage of your time while on the way to work, waiting for a medical appointment or standing in line to pay a receipt podcasts are your best choice. Learn where to listen to them and what programs you can enjoy the most.


What do millennial do to be successful?

Podcasts are a radio format that can be played online or downloaded at any time. Thanks to them, they no longer need to watch a station nor adjust their times to those of the transmissions nor do they have to put up with repetitive commercials or their music. Continue reading “The podcast programs that every entrepreneur”

What to consider before deciding to buy a home

Acquiring a house is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life, so it is necessary that before taking that step certain relevant points should be considered so as not to affect the economy. We share certain aspects that you have to take into account according to the real estate site.


Define a budget. Whether through another type of bank credit, you must consider that it involves a down payment of approximately 30% from there to be able to define your budget. Find out from a real estate agent. Take into account that the process of buying a home is often long and tiring. There are many formalities and issues to consider so the work will be easier if you have the information and the necessary guidance. Continue reading “What to consider before deciding to buy a home”

Tips for managing office politics

Learn how to manage office politics effectively instead of complaining and fantasizing that one day will disappear by magic. Few people like to deal with office politics: there are conflicting agendas misaligned priorities, and pursuit of personal goals. However, these issues are impossible to avoid. Instead, you need to handle them.

office politics

Here are three ways to deal with office politics when you should draw a political map. Begin by understanding all the stakeholders and the way they are connected. This will help you navigate the topics when trying to make changes, or just do your job. Continue reading “Tips for managing office politics”

How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Your leadership skills are important in the workplace and other situations. It may take years to become a great leader but there are ways to improve your skills. In this article, there are steps to improve your leadership skills.

Leadership Skills

How to improve your leadership skills

Be honest when talking to employees. There will be a higher level of respect for you if you do not try to lie and cheat your employees. Maintain an impartial attitude. Keep your personal feelings aside when it comes to comments and responses in the workplace. Be receptive to constructive criticism. If you can criticize, you should also be able to take criticism. Constructive criticism is a great way to improve. Continue reading “How to Improve Your Leadership Skills”