Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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Platform you pay your services and improvements your credit history

services and improvements your credit

For people who have never applied for a loan in a formal way what happens to young people who join the labor market they ask for experience but how they will generate it if they do not give them work. Something similar happens in the financial system. If you do not have a credit history that supports you, it is very complex to be granted financing it is a kind of vicious circle.

services and improvements your credit

Platform that helps responsible people demonstrate that they are good payers and increase their chances of accessing credit. The platform is free and people only have to register and upload the bill for basic services like light, so the system will check and generate the payment history.

Based on these vouchers, it will assign a rating between 0 and 100, which will show how good the user is. Once the person already has his qualification, he can decide which offer to apply and send the information to the financial institution he wishes. Only under the consent of the person will send the rating and the personal information to the bank, so that it is reviewed and evaluated.

Bank inclusion

According to figures from the National Financial Inclusion Survey (ENIF), prepared by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography 71% of Mexicans between 18 and 70 do not have access to any type of formal credit. General Manager of states that the platform’s job is to help those who are financially responsible and who because of lack of information are rejected or not seen by the financial system.

We seek to help generate financial inclusion in the country through our tool he explains. In addition, according to the National Survey of Financial Inclusion, almost 20 million Mexican adults resort to informal sources of credit, such as loans with relatives or friends, savings banks or pawnshops. Although many may be responsible and good payers, they are not being taken into account by the financial system, since they do not have a traditional credit history that supports them.

Financial education

And since financial inclusion has to go hand in hand with education, the platform also guides users about responsible use of their resources gets organized and helps them understand if it is an appropriate time to apply for a loan. For this, people can download free and simplified their report bureau within the platform once a month. In addition, if they are reported negatively users will be able to find alternatives to restructure their debts.

With you can order your accounts, catch up with your commitments, and in that way create your rating in a 100% private environment. When your rating is good, you can share the information with whomever you want.