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7 Tricks to prepare conferences that cause furor

In an age where style conference TED rage in the world, have been able to learn some basic principles that can help all exponent interested in causing furor in the audience. The key? It is called Storytelling.

It is “telling a story” and is creating a buzz that brings about a dramatic catharsis at the end. Although it seems easy, the Storytelling is a difficult skill to develop and capable of causing a huge impact on the public. Here are some tips to put into practice in your lectures and presentations:

1. Define which will be given away to the public

It should begin by defining the content of the presentation to be shared. Is information already available on the Internet or some kind of publication? Are you going to create a synthesis? ¿Or develop new content?

how to prepare conference

2. Use simple language

A major obstacle to connect with the audience is to speak as if to ourselves. Even when you will make a very technical presentation, we must focus on the public interest. Steve Jobs mastered this art to perfection, so instead of saying “The new ipod has 4GB capacity, “he said, “Now you can have 1,000 songs in your pocket”.

3. Create expectation glancing at the end of the conference

Most boring is to go to a conference where the speaker in advance lists all the topics that will be addressed. Immediately, the public thinks and how he will take the time to give all that? However, if the presentation opens with a similar “phrase today discover how modern physics was born with an experiment that failed miserably,” we will see how the interest is captured.

4. Find a balance between reason and emotion

This is the most difficult challenge of all presentation: if you focus too much on the content, it will bore the audience, but if you focus only on “tell the story”, scholars think that it has no substance. The recommendation? Prepare a script where it should not keep in any of the two sides for more than 45 seconds.

5. Paint all of local color

Not the same lecture in Bogota, Buenos Aires or in Quito, and it is confirmed that people better receives those conferences bother to include local examples are taken. There is nothing better than empathy that such deference is created for the public.

6. Use the minimum amount of possible sheets

It might cost a lot, but the sheets having more than eight words all they do is distract the public. You should always make the best effort to be as concise with them; if entire paragraphs were placed in them before, you need to place a single sentence, or better yet, a word.

7. Use all the resources to express the voice, body and silences

The subject should excite the exhibitor to move his audience. Then use arm movements, voice and silences to liven up the exhibition. And the bottom line: do not hide behind the podium!