Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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7 mantras to start the day full of productivity

Words have an undeniable power and usually the way spoken determine how easy or difficult will be our way to success. However, what would happen if certain phrases were repeated every morning?

The mantras are significant expressions that have a psychological and spiritual power in human beings. No matter if they are read, spoken or heard, always they have the power to bring calm and serenity to the stressful life today.

It has been found that many of them work particularly well in the mornings, for being the first thing that starts the day, it ensures start it with a receptive, cheerful and hopeful attitude.

productivity day

So we offer some beautiful mantras for inclusion in the ritual morning and start the day with energy and productivity.

1. “Every day I become someone better”

Believe in the possibility of positive change is something that gives a special intention to day. Often we feel that we are not the people we should be, we are not as successful or as good as this or that person, but when you remember that each of us has his own journey was achieved I will accept oneself what makes much more easy to start the day with optimism.

2. “I can”

This is a favorite the mantras because it gives a change of mentality, because people always say they “can not do” and how they think they can not, and do not risk anything they wanted is optimal. So that changing the mindset brings a big change in life.

3. “I agree, I love you”

This is essential, especially when living in an era that constantly tells us that we are not good enough. You’re good, you’re the best version of yourself and that’s more than enough.

4. “The bad always becomes good”

The world is constantly changing, it is like the wheel of fortune and the way things sometimes are down, they are also high at times. Evil, terrible as it is, it always happens and becomes good. So know that nothing is forever makes everything much more tolerable.

5. “I accept what is, I let go of what was and have faith in what will be”

This is the essence of living in this: you take what you have and try to live the best you can with that. You forget the past because it is known that no longer will return and have faith that the future will bring exactly what is needed. There is no better way to live than this.

6. “Go your way and tomorrow will thank”

This mantra is especially useful when you have no motivation to do something that is known to be good for oneself. Whether creating, reading, exercising or having a necessary conversation with someone, you should know that once the person does feel grateful for the positive effect that this action will have on your personality.

7. “Can not wait victory, while I plan defeat”

It is a reflection to oneself is not lost on revenge, competition or jealousy. If the day begins with this mantra, you will soon discover that such harmful attitudes are not important.