Save to buy a home and insure your retirement

Saving 25 percent of the salary would be appropriate to meet the goals during a dad’s life. With this amount, it is enough to buy a house travel give education to the children and have an assured retirement according to financial experts. According to the asset management company, principal, that savings should be divided into four parts 10 percent for retirement 5.0 percent for short-term goals another 5.0 percent for medium-term goals and 5.0 percent as an emergency fund.

buy a home

The firm said in a statement that in this way prepares for the future, and is also one of the first personal finance advice that parents must give their children. The most important part of any financial management is having the ability to save in the end. Facing the celebration of Father’s Day on June 18, he said that data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography indicate that men are the head of household in 73 percent of households. Continue reading “Save to buy a home and insure your retirement”