Save with these options and see what their associated costs

We have already talked on several occasions about how important it is to take part of the income for responsible savings, which should normally correspond, to 10% of the money that is received. Regardless of the savings objective you have in mind, what you should do is advise yourself properly when deciding to put your money in one or another financial product, because even if you do not believe it, both the costs and the yields of maintaining it vary between one and another entity.

associated costs

According to the 2017 financial report of the Financial Superintendence savings products are the main gateway to the financial system, since 77.4% (773,000 adults) did it through the product of savings accounts. In addition, this type of product is a support for future obligations and allows people to access goods and services that improve their quality of life and facilitate access to meeting goals. Continue reading “Save with these options and see what their associated costs”