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The podcast programs that every entrepreneur


If you want to take advantage of your time while on the way to work, waiting for a medical appointment or standing in line to pay a receipt podcasts are your best choice. Learn where to listen to them and what programs you can enjoy the most.


What do millennial do to be successful?

Podcasts are a radio format that can be played online or downloaded at any time. Thanks to them, they no longer need to watch a station nor adjust their times to those of the transmissions nor do they have to put up with repetitive commercials or their music.

In the last years, they have gained popularity mainly in the United States and Europe since by its format allows making radio with new and simple technologies that everybody has. From your cell phone you can create programs you no longer need to use a noise-proof booth or a sophisticated audio system let alone a powerful antenna.

According to Joining the Podcast Revolution, article: The essence of pod casting is the creation of audio for an audience that wants to listen to what they want. When they want it, wherever they want it and on the device they want. In a way these deferred programs have a more selective audience in addition that the number of topics are varied can be heard from programs on cats to electronic engineering.

It is likely that many do not know how to search or listen to these programs so we recommend the best free and legal platforms to get into the world of digital radio. This way you will enjoy hours of entertainment and learning in your free time.

ITunes: The Apple platform is an immense podcast file from there in addition to listening online you can make the programs you listen most download weekly. It is not only for users of Apple products you can also download them on any computer.

Sound cloud: The famous platform for musicians has also become an option for those looking to publish and listen to podcast. You can use it from the web or downloading the application the bad thing is that you cannot listen to things offline.

Stitchery: This is a mobile app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. It has more than 5 million downloads and turns out to be simple to navigate. If you want to know more about entrepreneurship in Personal Finance we have a new program that you may like from vegetable trader to successful entrepreneur of jeans.

If you want to relax and listen to a good story this is the best option. The program has a network of radio journalists across the continent and launches an episode every two weeks. Since you know the platforms we recommend high quality content by which you can start.

Data City

It was born of a university investigation that was called City of Data: open data citizenship and govern mentality. The podcast publishes the results of the research in a friendly way very different from the tedious academic texts. In their episodes tell the stories of people working with data the idea is to demonstrate the importance of these in everyday life.

Books for entrepreneurs

It is the fourth most heard program in Colombia according to iTunes. It recommends book options for doing business, marketing, sales, personal growth and economic management. If you are a lover of books and radio this is your best choice.

Transforming Your Mind

It has also been well received in the country as it is the sixth most downloaded program according to iTunes. Helps people develop habits, financial and business education. They have a strong presence in social networks where they share indispensable articles and ideas for any businessperson.