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The top five mortgages for April 2017


The Green Mortgage RN Exclusive has raised its interest rate from Euribor + 0.70% to +0.85 but still remains the best mortgage offer on the market today. In addition to accessing this differential you only have to comply with minimum bindings payroll, life and home and is a loan free of commissions. The entity has a team of mortgage advisers who take care of all the formalities until the day of signing the mortgage. Cons: The financial inter mediation service entails fees that must be paid in the event of signing the mortgage offer presented by the company.


The Mortgage Orange of ING continues in the second position of our podium with an interest rate of Euribor + 0.99% for sale and up to 80% of the valuation value. It also offers the advantage of extending the term of return of 30 years (the usual) to 40 years as long as they do not exceed 75 years. The entity does not apply any commission on its mortgage. ING Direct is a bank that usually delays in the process of incorporating the mortgage loan compared to other entities.

Abaca Mortgage Mari Carmen

Pros: Mortgage Mari Carmen regains its third position thanks to its competitive conditions and an interest rate of Euribor + 0.95% with a maximum term of 30 years. But in addition, the Mortgage Mari Carmen Variable helps you with the unforeseen, since you can request a deferment of up to 24 mortgage payments.

A subsidized mortgage requires a series of bonds to obtain this type of interest domicile the payroll contract life and home insurance as well as make a minimum annual expenditure of the credit card. The entity applies an exit interest during the first 24 months of + 1.10%.

The Mortgage Select of Liber bank drops to the fourth position of the ranking although it continues offering a very competitive interest rate. The entity does not apply any opening, study or partial cancellation fees. The return period is 30 years.