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Tips for managing office politics

office politics

Learn how to manage office politics effectively instead of complaining and fantasizing that one day will disappear by magic. Few people like to deal with office politics: there are conflicting agendas misaligned priorities, and pursuit of personal goals. However, these issues are impossible to avoid. Instead, you need to handle them.

office politics

Here are three ways to deal with office politics when you should draw a political map. Begin by understanding all the stakeholders and the way they are connected. This will help you navigate the topics when trying to make changes, or just do your job.

Organize a discussion: Commit the parties to a transparent dialogue with others when the policy arises. Hold a meeting and invite people with different points of view. Make a commitment. Create a plan to develop alignment. Talk to people who would oppose you and find a way to respond to your concerns to reach an agreement. Ask people in your field to influence others.

Requesting honest feedback is not an easy task and can even be intimidating. The key is to start the process sooner rather than later. No leader improves without constructive criticism, but getting people to be honest about their performance is not always easy.

How to get the information you need

Provide your team with a way to provide honest feedback with these three questions: What should I stop? Ask what behaviors stand in your way to success. What should I continue to do?

Ask about what you do well and whether you should continue to do so. What should I start doing? Once you have left behind unproductive behaviors, you will have more time and energy to adopt new behaviors.

Talk to the person again asks the individual to explain how they could improve their performance and how they can do their most valuable work for the organization in a second conversation. Base your final decision on this conversation combined with your assessment.