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10 tips to launch a digital business

And you’ve decided to start a business online, peri once you have defined your business model and rotation, you know what are the steps?

In an online world, to engage in the business of selling products or services, promotion is key to have a digital marketing strategy, through a web page or social networks, to enhance the ability to succeed in the digital business.

Indeed, the startup Crehana, a company that offers online education, offers 10 tips to take on the world of digital business:

1. Find the problem and a real solution

Every enterprise operates and manages to grow by adding value to someone else. There are thousands of problems in everyday life that can be converted into business opportunities.

launch a digital business

2. Find the passion

Not only must find a solution to a real problem, you should find something move inside the entrepreneur and allow him to move forward in difficult times. ” Think of what you want to achieve, not what you want to be.”

3. Define the target audience

Define the target audience will be key to building a customized solution. We must be able to describe to customers as a person. It is recommended that every company converse with at least one day to learn more about their customs and ways of thinking.

4. Build a scalable business model

The solution that seeks to build must be scalable. This means that it can serve both 10, 1,000 or 10,000 customers, without the need to expand the team and own resources.

5. Finding References

How do they do in other markets? Most solutions are already created. Then you have to search for references to how they do in other markets which will provide clarity about what has been done and what not. And also talk to people who are already in these industries will give a much clearer picture.

And for those who already have a venture:

6. Present entrepreneurship in a minute

If you already have a venture, you have to be able to communicate the idea clearly in a maximum of one minute. And knowing make the most of opportunities to talk with an investor or potential partner.

7. Run, Local, Think Global

If you want to create a sustainable and large company, you should know how to act in the first instance locally, but always thinking about how to scale the company’s regional or global basis.

8. Measure and trackear everything can

One of the best practices of all digital entrepreneurship is the ability to measure and get as much data as possible, which will make decisions based on actual data rather than on intuition.

9. Define roles in the team

While always starts with small teams where everyone should do a bit of everything, define responsibilities and roles is crucial. This will help to organize and advance at various points simultaneously.

10. Set monthly goals

All entrepreneurship should think about their own growth. To accomplish this, you must know where you want to go, and what metrics will need to be at a certain level. You can set goals for teams and also for people.