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7 Amazing Ways to Save Money at Home

Household chores never end, and there are even many items that are difficult to clean completely, but there are many items that have many more uses than you can imagine.

Who does not have nail polish or toothpaste at home? Many articles have many more uses than you can imagine and that can improve our lives and incidentally help save money.

Therefore, we offer you a list of 10 common products that you can find at home but whose uses … you will be surprised!

save money at home

1. Toothpaste

To remove ink stains and lipstick you should apply some toothpaste to the stain and rub it well; then rinse and repeat the operation until the stain is gone. For strong hand odors (for example, after peeling garlic), you should wash your hands with toothpaste instead of soap.

In addition, to remove the stains from the walls, after the child has painted them with colored pencils, then the toothpaste is the best friend. Take a brush or a microfiber cloth, put some toothpaste and clean the wall. Then wipe with a damp cloth to remove the paste and surprisingly the wall will be clean.

2. Rubber bands

If your hands are sweaty or you are trying to unscrew something, wrap the handle of the tool with a few rubber bands. The natural qualities of rubber provide a better grip, making the job much easier.

In addition, to prevent glasses from slipping (when exercising) you should use a rubber to hold them in place. All it takes is wrapping a rubber band around the edges to keep them from flying.

In addition, to close lockers safely you should wrap the door handles well with a rubber to ensure your safety if there are dangerous things stored there for children.

3. Nail polish

If the handle of the pan is loose or the cabinet door has loosened, a clear nail polish should be applied to the screw, and then screwed back (allowing the nail polish to dry). Another benefit is that the rinse aid prevents the screw from rusting. In addition, to seal envelopes you can apply some transparent nail polish.

In addition, if you have simple jewels that can tarnish over time, you should cover them with a thin layer of clear nail polish. They will remain stained and look new for a long time.

4. Dryer Sheets

If the sneakers have strong unpleasant odors, you should put a dryer towel in each shoe and leave it at night. This also works for suitcases and backpacks. You can reuse fabric softener sheets that have already been used in the dryer for reuse.

In addition, if there are burn spots on the pans, water should be poured into the pan, pot, or oven dish, and place a dryer blade inside. After a few hours, those sturdy stains will be history.

In addition, this type of leaves serves as insect repellent just leaving some around the house or put them in some corners.

5. Vaseline

To protect the cracked paws of pets a little petroleum jelly should be applied to their paws. It is advisable to do this after a walk. In addition, if you hate having to wipe your fingers after applying nail polish, you can put a little Vaseline around the nail to prevent the polish from sticking to the skin.

And for sunburns are painful, vaseline should be applied to the burned areas to help them heal faster and prevent the skin from cracking.

6. Pencils

If you do not have mothballs you can use pencil chips instead, as the smell of chips is an effective repellent. And for the zippers (latches) that are stuck, you must rub the “teeth” on both sides with the graphite of the pencil; Which will act as a dry lubricant and will release the zipper. This also works wonderfully with the old locks.

And to clean the soles of your shoes (if you have stepped on something sticky like chewing gum and need to clean it somehow) a pencil will do the job perfectly.

7. Salt

The best way to wash the vegetables is in a bowl of salt water, as the combination of salt and water is resistant to dirt but harmless to the vegetable. And to have the best tasting coffee, sprinkle a little salt in the coffee to make it less acid so your true taste will emerge.

Another use is that the salt prevents the mold from forming on the cheese, keeping it fresh for longer, as well as cleaning the wine stains by simply covering the stain with salt and let it stand for about 30 minutes; Then clean the salt and wash it in the washing machine.